Motorcycle Monkey Coffee

Watch Our Motorcycle Monkey Coffee Videos Below. 

Motorcycle Monkey On KUSI For National Coffee Day!

Motorcycle Monkey Coffee On KUSI For National Coffee Day!

Motorcycle Monkey Coffee Infused Beer

We take you behind the scenes at Pacific Islander Brewing with head brewer Will as he walks us through every step of the beer making process. We blend their Tahitian Brown Beer with our signature Motorcycle Monkey Chocolate Hazelnut coffee.

Motorcycle Monkey Coffee Infused Beer Tasting

We had our special V.I.P. Monkey Mocha Brown Ale tasting at Pacific Islander Brewing in Santee, Ca. A lot of people showed up to try it out. We asked folks what they thought of it during this fun event. Check out the video to see their reactions…

Drunk Monkey Coffee

whiskey, caramel, vanilla

The monkeys like whiskey but sometimes they want the flavor without the buzz so they made this batch for you direct from the grower. This is a single origin whiskey flavored coffee with hints of caramel and vanilla. They know it’s five o’clock somewhere…

Monkey Mocha

Whole Bean Coffee

This one was suppose to be just hazelnut but one of the monkeys opened the roaster too soon and accidentally dropped chocolate into the batch. All of the monkeys tasted it the next morning and fell in love with the chocolate hazelnut flavor so they created this just for you.

Knuckle Dragger

Whole Bean Coffee

Sometimes the monkeys know you stay up way too late and you may need an extra pick me up so they put a few very potent beans in the roaster. This is a high caffeine coffee with a smooth finish that won’t leave you dragging your knuckles all day long.

Monkey Mojo

Whole Bean Coffee

Sometimes the monkeys know you need just enough caffeine to get your mojo going for the day. Maybe you need an afternoon splash of mojo to finish your work day? That’s why they created this medium roast coffee that’s easy to drink with a smooth, balanced flavor.

Vanilla Monkey Nuts

Whole Bean Coffee

Sometimes the monkeys want something different.  They’re nuts about vanilla so they threw just enough into this coffee to make it very special.


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