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The Brakefix

The Acebikes brake lever jammer BrakeFix is used to lock the front brake for all types of motorbikes.The BrakeFix is wrapped around the brake lever and handlebar. It is easy to use, and with the firmly click system used, it is a safe and secure way of parking and...

Viking Cycle Ironborn Textile Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket was better than I expected for $89.99. Tons of pockets, vents and with the elbow, shoulder and (removable), spine protector I highly recommend this. Check out the video review and you can CLICK HERE to visit, for the jacket and other...

Viking Cycle Bloodaxe Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Men

The Viking Cycle Bloodaxe Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Men is a high quality product. For only $99.00, it’s a great value. You’ll find that it has a lot of pockets (I fit my 7″ Nexus Tablet inside one of them), to store things for whatever road trip you’re taking. I...


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